During times of emergency, response speed is of utmost importance. MSF is one of the world's most efficient and effective providers of vital emergency relief, and our ability to react quickly and deliver life-saving medical assistance and support services when it is most needed depends on organisations like yours.
“Unanticipated crises over the world may happen at anytime, anywhere. They may cause serious and even fatal effect to thousands and even millions of people. Emergency aid is always necessary.”
- Mr. Charles Lee, C.E.O. of OneAsia Network Limited
MSF's ultimate priority is to get to the ground as soon as possible after disaster strikes so that we can begin relief activities. Fundraising and communications as such often takes a secondary place – even though raising awareness for the disaster and soliciting enough support to fund the aid activities is very important. 
MSF's corporate Emergency Relief Partners play a vital role in facilitating MSF's response to a disaster, both through their donations which make our work possible, and through their networks that help MSF raise awareness locally for the scale of emergency and the context of the crisis.
"Being insurance professionals, we believe that preparation is what everyone should do before emergencies happen, and we chose to support MSF because MSF demonstrates the pure integrity of human beings in action on the frontline."
- Mr. Thomas Ching, Managing Director of Consolidated Marketing Group
With our donors' assistance, MSF can quickly mobilise resources to send immediate aid to areas affected by natural or man-made disasters or disease outbreak. In return for this support, MSF provides our Emergency Relief Partners with well-deserved acknowledgement and opportunities for staff engagement.
If your company is interested in learning more about MSF's Emergency Relief corporate partnership program, please contact our Philanthropy Officer at (852) 2959 4244 or philanthropy@hongkong.msf.org


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