In the streets of Chaman, in Pakistan’s southern state of Baluchistan, women are not easy to find. When they are seen, it is accompanied by a male relative but protected from view by a full veil.
Inside the Ebola treatment center, areas are strictly identified as high-risk, low risk and the outside which is with unknown risk. Only trained medical staff and supportive personnel are authorized to work inside the high-risk area.
At the triage, there is a book for patient registration and it records all the important information including name, gender, age, and the most important column - the Ebola test result.
In Ebola treatment center, most of the medical personnel are working in triage, suspected and confirmed area. As I have emergency triage experience, so it is natural that I am deployed to work in the triage. Triage is the frontline in an Ebola treatment center.
"What is your coming mission?" My friend asked me."Ebola." I replied."What??!! Ebola!!
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On 28 November 2013, the plane landed in Donetsk International Airport on a chilly autumn night. I was the odd one out en route from Istanbul where people aboard spoke languages so foreign to me which later proved to be an obstacle at work.
I love Mid-Autumn Festival since I was a kid.
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As the only surgeon in the project and even in the whole region where I was I needed to be on call 24/7 all the time once I started working. 24/7 means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and that means I needed to be on call all the time when I was in the project.
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"Boom", there was a loud noise outside ER suddenly, it had been reported a traffic accident and was very close to where I work.
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