Gunshot wound is something totally rare in our city and it seems to be something very serious. But for me I saw and treated half a hundred of these already; in South Sudan, Yemen, Papua New Guinea & now in Central African Republic.
It took me more than 7 hours car movement to arrive at Bossangoa. We started at 6:15am and swapped car with an outcoming expatriate which is a good friend of mine. She's a Dutch medical doctor who worked with me 2 years ago in Nasir, South Sudan.
After 40 hours of flight and transit time, I finally arrived at Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic (CAR).
© CHIU Cheuk Pong
Always wanted to introduce my team, luckily, there was a picture drew by my colleague unintentionally, so just use it to explain what makes me proud of my team.
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© CHIU Cheuk Pong
Near dinner time, the phone rang as usual, colleagues informed me there was something urgent and needed my hands. The patient was a little girl, general appearance was critical, no chest ups and downs, appeared to have no breathing.
© CHIU Cheuk Pong
I am now in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and have been waiting for a week for a special permit to my workplace, Pakistan's Chaman. Chaman is in the north-west of Pakistan, only a few kilometers across Afghanistan
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Photo source: Beatrice LAU
Greetings from Tajikistan!  It’s been more than 3 months since I arrived here in the field, and I have been all along waiting for an opportunity to write to you.
© Baikong MAMID/MSF
"Friday was my flight to Cebu and the plane was completely full, partly with aid workers from various parts of the world.
© Rachel CHEE
Typhoon Haiyan, MSF and Myself I am in the bush, somewhere in South Sudan; Typhoon Haiyan was in Philippines.