12 hours flight to Amsterdam, 11 hours flight to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda then 7+ hours of car drive to Bukavu, one of the big cities at eastern Congo right next to the border.  The initial plan for me is flying into Lulimba, Kimbi the project I should spen
In the streets of Chaman, in Pakistan’s southern state of Baluchistan, women are not easy to find. When they are seen, it is accompanied by a male relative but protected from view by a full veil.
This has been my 8th mission with MSF and the destination is South Kivu in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Inside the Ebola treatment center, areas are strictly identified as high-risk, low risk and the outside which is with unknown risk. Only trained medical staff and supportive personnel are authorized to work inside the high-risk area.
At the triage, there is a book for patient registration and it records all the important information including name, gender, age, and the most important column - the Ebola test result.
In Ebola treatment center, most of the medical personnel are working in triage, suspected and confirmed area. As I have emergency triage experience, so it is natural that I am deployed to work in the triage. Triage is the frontline in an Ebola treatment center.
"What is your coming mission?" My friend asked me."Ebola." I replied."What??!! Ebola!!
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On 28 November 2013, the plane landed in Donetsk International Airport on a chilly autumn night. I was the odd one out en route from Istanbul where people aboard spoke languages so foreign to me which later proved to be an obstacle at work.