Is there an age limit for working with MSF in the field?
No, however, one should be in good health and fit to work.
If I am neither a doctor nor a nurse, can I still work with MSF in the field?
Yes, MSF also recruits field workers who are Engineers, Logistician, Water and Sanitation (WatSan) Specialist, Financial Coordinator and Human Resources and Administration Coordinator. Please click here for more information.
How long are MSF missions?
We require a minimum of 12-month commitment, but there is exception for surgical related professionals who may be accepted for shorter missions.
Can I decide which country I work in?
MSF places field worker on assignment based on the needs in the field and according to specialty and availability. Field workers do have a final say in accepting or rejecting a mission, but are expected to be open to a wide variety of locations and activities.
Can my family or partner accompany me on mission?
In most cases, living conditions in the field (security, housing, etc.) make it impossible for field workers to be accompanied by children or partners who are not participating in the mission. This is particularly true for most initial assignments.
What if I am injured or become ill?
All field workers must be aware of the risks and dangers of serving with MSF in the field. They must understand that they have no claim against the Organisation for any injury or illness acquired while participating in any travel or activity conducted by, in support of, or under the auspices of MSF. However, MSF maintains insurance coverage on behalf of its field workers that provides direct benefits to injured or sick staff (including appropriate care and, if necessary, repatriation) or their beneficiaries. The scope of this insurance is explained prior to departure. Supplementary insurance is the responsibility of the individual.
What insurance covers field workers?
MSF has an insurance policy for all field staff to cover health insurance, accident insurance, professional liability, private liability, repatriation and flight insurance. In case of an illness or accident for which there is no need for repatriation to the home country, the insurance covers all expenses from the place of work to the most appropriate qualified reference hospital. All MSF field workers are also covered by Ineternational SOS, the private international insurance companies that cover medical repatriation worldwide and are serviced by qualified medical staff.
How does MSF manage safety and security in the field?
Working with MSF is not reckless. MSF follows extensive risk-management procedures, and security guidelines are constantly updated for every project. Field staff members are briefed on the security situation in their project country before going to the field, and are trained in specific security protocols upon arriving at the project site. Adherence to our field guidelines for personal and team conduct and safety is not negotiable.
What is the indemnity for field workers?
The basic indemnity starts at about €922 per month and is credited to the individual’s bank account each month. Apart from the indemnity, field workers receive per diem allowance in local currency when they are in the field.
MSF requires a minimum of two years of professional experience. For specialists, does this mean two years since they qualified, for example, as a doctor, or two years since they qualified in their particular specialty?
The 2-year minimum experience relates to the field position they would fill. Normally those qualified as specialists seek to work with MSF in the area of their specialty, in which case the requirement is for two years' experience in that specialty.
However, occasionally, a specialist is willing to fill a more general position. For example, a Neurosurgeon might be willing to work as a general Surgeon on a field mission, or a Paediatrician might fill a Medical Doctor(MD) position. In such cases, the two years would relate to their more basic qualification. But the requirement is for recent experience. Someone who has worked as a specialist for many years may not, for example, have any recent experience as a MD.
I am a nurse and do I need to do the tropical medical course before I apply to MSF?
Tropical medical course is not a must, however, we recommend medical applicants with no previous training or limited experience to enroll in an appropriate course in tropical medicine. This does not apply to Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Obstetrician-Gynacologists, OT Nurses, Midwives, Lab Technicians, Pharmacist, Mental Health Specialists / Psychologists and non medical profiles. 
How long does it take to make a decision on an application?
If your application is complete, we aim to have your application screened within three business weeks, however, longer waiting time may sometimes be anticipated due to large number of applications or other unaviodable circumstances. 
How can I know more about the life on a field mission?
You can visit MSF BLOGS to read the sharing from our field workers.


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