In response to the largest outbreak of Ebola in history, MSF mobilized massively to provide care for thousands of patients and help control its spread. 23 medical and non-medical professionals deployed by MSF-Hong Kong joined teams in West Africa to battle the deadly virus, including the Manager of the Emergency Response Support Unit stationed in the Hong Kong office. Thanks to the continuous backing of our donors, we were able to send staff and supplies at once for this epidemic. Another HKD10 million raised also helped strengthen our relief work in the affected countries.
As part of MSF’s experience sharing effort, MSF-Hong Kong and its China representatives facilitated technical exchanges between our field teams and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as China’s other relevant actors in the countries worst hit by Ebola. At the annual conference of the China-US Collaborative Programme on Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases, MSF’s China Medical Representative presented our firsthand experience combating the disease.
MSF-Hong Kong was also eager to share with our supporters how we tackled such an unprecedented outbreak and other emergencies. Through the interactive exhibition Emergency Assignment, we gave a snapshot of our frontline action through photos, stories and exhibits of real items that MSF uses, including the full Personal Protective Equipment our teams put on in Ebola management centres. The touring exhibition, hosted in 5 different venues in Hong Kong from October to November, attracted over 5,000 visitors. (More photos: Emergency Assignment Central Station and Kowloon Park + JCAAC Station)
  • The large-scale outdoor exhibition Emergency Assignment was held in Edinburgh Place, Central in November. © PK Lee/MSF
In 2014, MSF-Hong Kong’s contribution to the organisation’s global medical humanitarian relief was not limited to the Ebola crisis. To support the interventions in Syria, South Sudan, Central African Republic and other places, a total of 172 mission departures (including the 23 mentioned above) were carried out. Among them, 38 were first missioners and 36 were deployed in the capacity of coordinating or medical team leader positions. 59 new professionals were also recruited from the region. In addition, MSF-Hong Kong successfully facilitated the 7th annual surgical training in the city with participants from all over the world. 
Having had to stretch beyond our limits and work in multiple emergency situations, MSF is truly thankful to our generous supporters who have allowed us to provide crucial medical and humanitarian assistance. MSF-Hong Kong raised over HKD340 million in 2014, of which over 99% came from private sources. Stable and sustainable income has in particular enabled our teams to act rapidly. Throughout the year, we were able to recruit more than 26,000 new “MSF Field Partners” who were committed to supporting MSF’s relief work through monthly donations. 
Moreover, MSF-Hong Kong enhanced its online donation platform, and over 25,000 one-off donations were made electronically. The organisation will continue to explore user-friendly donation methods to team up with our supporters in providing essential aid to people in distress.
2014 also marked the 20th anniversary of MSF-Hong Kong. Through the stories of 14 field workers, office volunteers, supporters and friends, the “MSF-HK 20 Y ears” series acknowledged contributions like these from the public for the past two decades, and called for continuous support from the Hong Kong society to aid MSF’s effort of alleviating human suffering around the world. 
As every year, enthusiastic members of the public supported MSF by taking part in various events. The 13th MSF Orienteering Competition held in Cheung Chau in March successfully recruited over 3,200 participants and raised more than HKD 5 million. Both numbers broke the event record. At the event centre, we featured the emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and simulated an operating theatre and a mobile clinic, giving participants a glimpse of our life-saving effort. (More photos: MSF Orienteering Competition 2014 - during the race)
  • MSF Orienteering Competition held in Cheung Chau broke the event record in terms of participants recruited and donations raised.  © Steve Tsang/MSF
MSF Day, the fundraising event organised on 7 July annually, was the most successful one to date. Mr. Moses Chan, the Honorary Campaign Leader, appealed to the public to volunteer for MSF by donating a day’s income. The campaign raised over HKD5.3 million, which was a more than 40% rise from 2013.
MSF continued to reinforce its commitment to engage with mainland China. MSF’s international representative and its China representative conducted meetings with the authorities, as well as the embassies of Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and South Sudan to exchange views on health-related aid and emergency assistance to Asia and Africa. Joined by MSF’s Operations Manager and Humanitarian Affairs Advisor, the China representatives conducted a round of meetings with think tanks and academics in Beijing, Jinhua and Shanghai, raising awareness of the recurring emergency in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Representatives also participated in roundtables hosted by the China Institute of International Studies, the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies and the Center for African Studies of Peking University, as well as the International Conference on Emergency Management organised by the Chinese Academy of Governance. 
  • At the annual conference of the China-US Collaborative Programme on Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases, MSF’s China Medical Representative presented our firsthand experience combating Ebola. © MSF
To foster interactions with the public, the I Love MSF campaign was launched in mainland China, with a photo exhibition, fieldworker experience sharing and creative sand painting being organised in Beijing and in Guangzhou. Access to the Danger Zone, a documentary revealing our medical care under fire, was screened in Beijing and in Chengdu during the 2014 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. 
Creative sand painting during the I Love MSF campaign in Guangzhou allowed participants to imagine the front line of medical humanitarian aid. © MSF
Working out of the MSF-Hong Kong office, the Operational Support Unit focused on MSF's push to increase its operational presence in Southeast Asia. Through advocacy, research, representation, and exploratory missions, the unit was able to help MSF understand the needs in the region, design interventions to meet those needs and support the establishment of MSF’s projects.
MSF-Hong Kong also continued its effort to engage civil societies in the region, by launching the first public event – “Behind the Scenes: The Journey of Doctors Without Borders” – in Manila in the Philippines in April. It featured the major emergencies that have shaped and defined MSF’s identity today. The event also presented the MSF response to the Typhoon Haiyan emergency. (More photos: 
MSF’s Regional Humanitarian Representative introduced to the public in the Philippines the major emergencies that have shaped and defined MSF’s identity today. © PK Lee/MSF


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