Every year, thousands of people fleeing violence, insecurity, and persecution at home attempt a treacherous journey via north Africa and across the Mediterranean to reach Europe. And every year, countless lives are lost on these journeys.
These people are only a small portion of the millions who are fleeing intolerable suffering. No matter the obstacles, they will continue to come. They have no other choice. The current policies are untenable in the face of this situation. The only way Europe can prevent a worsening crisis on its territory is to replace the smugglers by providing a safe, legal and free alternative. We ask you to provide safe passage.
- From MSF's open letter to European leaders

What is Doctors Without Borders (MSF) doing to help?

MSF started working at refugees' landing sites in Italy since 1999, and is currently running projects in Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary to provide refugees with the much needed assistance, including basic healthcare and referral, psychosocial support, distribution of relief items as well as improvement in water and sanitation. Teams also trained fishermen in Tunisia on sea rescue operations. Meanwhile, three search-and-rescue ships are working in the Mediterranean Sea which have saved more than 14,533 people.


Refugee crisis in numbers


In a world plagued by conflict, poverty and inequality, population movements are inevitable and governments around the world must find a way to manage this in a way that minimizes suffering rather than creates it.

As a medical humanitarian organization with more than 40 years of experience providing assistance to people on the move, MSF's request is simple: stop applying policies that kill and prolong the anguish. Provide protection and assistance based on humanitarian imperatives according to needs and that ensures basic human dignity. Or would the world really prefer to just watch as the extreme suffering continues?

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