Hong Kong

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) - Hong Kong was established in 1994, and is now one of the 25 associations of the international movement. We have offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou, and are extending our work to some of the countries in southeast Asia.
Because of the generosity of public support, the funds raised in Hong Kong and the region are an important support to our global relief work. The large majority of the money comes from individuals.
We organise a variety of public events and experience sharings, and facilitate media interviews to raise awareness of humanitarian crises.   
We recruit field workers from Hong Kong and the region for our missions and provide professional training. We also support MSF field missions in the region, as well as responding to emergencies.

Mainland China

MSF has been working in China since 1988. As public interest in MSF grew on the mainland, MSF-Hong Kong started the process of building a presence there in 2005. The representative office of MSF-Hong Kong in Guangzhou was established in 2007. MSF started an office in Beijing in 2011.
We focus on introducing MSF’s medical humanitarian work to the public, the medical community and the relevant authorities. By facilitating the recruitment of field workers, our office also serves as a platform for devoted professionals to take part in humanitarian action. 
We collaborate and exchanging experience with medical societies in mainland China as well as having technical exchanges with Chinese experts in China and abroad. In addition, the office supports relief projects in China.

Southeast Asia

We have extended our core work to southeast Asia to support the organisation’s operational capacity.
We recruit professionals from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in southeast Asia to participate in the global relief work of MSF. We also network with medical and non-medical associations and institutions in the region.
To raise the awareness of the humanitarian crises in the region, we facilitate media interviews and organise various public events.  
We actively monitor emergencies in the region, conduct initial assessment of rapid on-set emergencies, and are ready to respond.

Organisation chart of MSF-Hong Kong


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