Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) relies to the generosity of our supporters, like you, to deliver vital medical assistance around the world.  Your support enables our staff to put their skills at the service of patients and communities wherever we are able to work.  In 2019 alone, MSF field teams have treated more than 10 million patients in more than 70 countries and regions.  
How your support made an impact to people’s health
As a not-for-profit organisation that relies on private individual’s donations and has no recurring government funding, we are able to commit 86.5% of MSF HK income to support relief operations around the world; 3.5% is spent on management and administration; and the rest is reinvested in fundraising. Thank you for keeping us financially independent which enables us to work independently.
How funds are allocated within MSF to support fieldwork
Each MSF office is attached to one of the five operational centres that manages our humanitarian action in the field and decide when, where, and what medical care is needed. MSF HK, as one of the MSF offices, also plays a part in providing the staff, resources and budget to the MSF Operational Centres, so that they can maintain MSF’s field projects and to ensure we are working where we are needed most.
Each MSF project is managed and delivered by an Operational Centre with corresponding budget shared by offices, including MSF HK, and set success measures that reflect the nature of the particular project. These are reviewed and revised at regular intervals to ensure that our response is effectively improving our patients’ situation. 
Where MSF HK funds were allocated in 2019
Each year an audited financial report for MSF HK is made public together with our HK Activity Report to give details on our activities and expenditure in each country and region and reflects on the major challenges we faced over the year. 
In 2019, a total of HKD375,089,166 has been allocated from MSF HK for MSF emergency and medical programmes globally. The countries that received the largest fund from MSF HK were Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan and Bangladesh. MSF has been around in these countries for decades as chronic armed conflicts and disease outbreaks have made it difficult for the population to get vital medical care. 
Whereas in Hong Kong, MSF team was mobilised to medically assist 29 patients during the Hong Kong Polytechnic University situation and has been in contact with medical networks, on-the-ground responders and organisations since June 2019. In addition, this year, our operation team has been responding to the COVID-19 outbreak and conducting health promotion and mental health workshops to support the vulnerable communities such as people experiencing homelessness, the elderly, foreign domestic helpers, and others. You may access simple coping strategies to relieve stress and anxiety here: howareyou.msf.hk.
We are open to receive your feedback and suggestions to improve our work. 
For details of our worldwide projects, please refers to the MSF-Hong Kong Activity Report 2019.


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