The whole world is now concentrating on the swine flu and the possible pandemic. Recovery from the financial crisis would bond to be delayed. But there is continuous fighting in some areas, such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Darfur and increasing tension here in Saada. I must say that people in these conflict zones are completely ignorance of the world issue outside their area. It’s up to a stage that their minds are all covered with blood shed and revenge. Foreign countries simply cannot stop all their “holy actions” by another kind of military suppression. Trust, care and respect are far more important. Let’s relax a bit and talk something about our team. We have now total 7 expatriates in our team. 1. Field-co: Ann, a French lady, joined MSF in 2006. She has been to Aweil and South Sudan in last April right after I left there. Another pleasant, tough and hard working lady. 2. Field Administrator: Espen, a Norwegian young guy, first mission with MSF. He lives a healthy life, no smoking, no kat but loves sports. He is very happy to find a running partner- me. We just had our second run this evening. I am now more acclimatize to the high altitude. He doesn’t believe I’m fifty. 3. Logistician Administrator: Ken, a Japanese guy, very hard working. He is now on vacation leave. They described him as a man can survive for weeks with only cigarette, coffee and computer. He is now stuck in Sanaa and blocked from return to Al Tahl for security reason. 4. Outreach Supervisor: Patrick, a French retired doctor. He likes traveling. He takes up MSF volunteer mission as means of traveling since retirement in 2000. It is his 27 missions with MSF in last nine years. I don’t know whether I can follow his steps after retirement. I don’t know whether I can operate at age of 70. 5. Nurse: Petra, a Chez lady. I met her when I was in Saana. She passed Sanaa while she was on her holiday back home. 6. Anaesthetist: Jorg, a German guy, also first missioner. He is a kind hearted and straight young man. Like other German, he would state his opinion directly but respect my surgical decision, like operating on the old man. It’s a bonus of joining this kind of humanitarian mission. You can meet people with passion and learn many interesting stories.

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