Good news of the young man with GSW remains stable. But there is still a long way to go as his chest is getting stiff after multiple transfusion. Again, we can see the beauty of mankind in this kind of situation. The patient is still in critical condition. We have to keep him in OT recovery room for observation which serves as the Intensive Care Unit. Luckily, we are not busy in OT at the moment. Jorg and our OT Manager, Muhammed stayed last night. The OT staff takes turn to look after him this morning. We need more blood to replace the lost. As the family is living far away, we only manage to get a few relatives to come. But some of our staff has volunteered to give him blood. The patient is of Blood group A and Rh -ve. We were shortage of the blood during operation last night. We ordered to give the Gp A and O Rh+ve blood available in stock, and also asked anyone of A or O to donate blood despite the Rh status this morning. The staff is very interested to know why we give him the +ve blood and curious of incompatibility reaction. We explained to them that it’s a life saving procedure. We need to give blood to save him. Although he is Rh –ve, there is no antibody at the beginning unless he was exposed to Gp +ve blood before like this time. The antibody will then develop but it takes time. So it’s still safe to give +ve blood today. They are happy to learn and always ask question if they do not understand. I always find fruitful to work with people like them. They try best to learn and improve their knowledge.

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