Today is the Labour Day and the Friday Prayer Day. We will have our compensation off tomorrow but of course not for our surgical team. We need to be on duty everyday. Normally, we may have our ward round on rest day (Prayer Day), than we can go home if there is no emergency. But today we were quite busy. The inpatient wards are almost full with one gun shot wound admitted early this morning. I had to operate on him, together with a child with burnt. I almost had full duty today. Luckily, I did not miss my run with Espen this evening. Before dinner, I received call from Emergency Room asking me to see a child with abdominal pain after fall. After I arrived at hospital, staff came to me and told me that the condition of the young man with GSW we operated earlier deteriorated. The blood oxygen level was low. I immediately went to resuscitate him, changed the chest tubes and did tracheal suction. There was some improvement but not to satisfactory level, but there is best we can do here. If at home, I would put him in intensive care unit and mechanical ventilation. But during resuscitation, besides the nurses helped me, relatives of other patients also gathered to help. Some helped bagging the patients. Some helped me holding the instruments. While I was bagging, I was sweating. Some dried my forehead. After the patient’s condition improved, we thanked each other. They stayed long. They knew each other well. They are very united. They would help each other if needed.

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