It is a holiday today in Yemen as compensation for the Labour Day on 1st May., but I was in very bad mood. I lost my young patient with chest injury and multiple gun shot wounds. When I looked back, we had much room for improvement in his management. Sometimes it’s the limitation of facilities, sometimes human mistake. We had a long meeting in hospital this morning. The Desk Manager from Paris has visited us in last three days. Together with the Head of Mission of Sanaa, we had a meeting with all supervisors of the hospital today. We discussed the progress of the current project, further development and strategies. It was a fruitful meeting. In the afternoon, I stayed in the guest house with my reading. I had no mood to run. I received congratulations from colleagues on my receiving the Humanity Award from HK Red Cross. I must thank my family, colleagues and friends giving me support and tolerance for works in the past years. I regard it as recognition for the work of myself and my coworkers, including my family. I hope I can take the challenge to continue with the mission and take the opportunity to share this mission with the young ones.

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