As I said before, I was not in good mood in last two days. Today, I tried to send this message but failed again. It’s rather frustrated. I did my first appendicetomy (resection of inflamed appendix) today for a 12 years old girl. She was referred from Rezeh this morning and had to take four and a half hour drive to come to Al Tahl. On arrival, I already found that her abdomen was distended and tender and suspected her suffering of ruptured appendicitis. It was lucky that the security on the way today was not bad. If not, further delay may cause severe damage to her health. Tonight, we had a discussion on the referral system of our outreach centers. As I mentioned before, the programme Manager from Paris and our Head of Mission, Field Coordinator had met the Governor on Sunday. We had green light to reach some of the Ministry of Health, Health Centers or clinics in the nearby area (travel distance of one to one and half hour drive). MSF is going to provide transport for the referral. Hopefully, we can provide more services to those vulnerable. Tonight, the Inside Story on the Aljazeera News was on the Yeman recent situation. 21st may is the Reunion Day of Yemen. There is rising clashes in the South for independency. Together with the Al Houti in North, different tribal clashes, we anticipate more violence happened. Hopefully, the civilians would not be affected much.

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