Today I have a wonderful experience to share with you. Last week, an old woman came to Emergency Room on wheel chair, complaining fall a month ago and not able to walk since then. She pointed at her left knee and complained pain there. I examined her knee and found no abnormality. She was limping. Luckily I took X-ray of her knee and found that she had a fracture of her femur (thigh bone). I admitted her and gave her pain killer. As the fracture was already one month old, I advised her to have bed rest, passive knee movement and active muscle exercise. I could not imagine that she was very motivated. If there was no relative around, she would use her good leg to push the injured one for passive knee exercise. Today I found her a pair of crutches. I fixed up for her and taught her how to walk and turn with the crutches. At first I was a bit frightened whether she can manage with her appearing fragile body. She learnt quickly and walked delightedly. I was amazed of her very strong desire. She was the first Yemani woman allowing me taking photo on her. I was happy working in this kind of setting. At home, our works are always fragmented. We surgeons are doing our surgeries. Rehabilitation would be left for nurses, physiotherapist, and occupational therapist. Here I have to take up all the jobs including surgery, rehabilitation, exercise, fitting the appropriate walking aids, and training. I spent quite a lot of time with my patients. Although I could not communicate with them freely, yet I could build up a trust among them. It is a good example of holistic care. I enjoyed that.

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