We have moved to a newly open hospital, which is solely run by MSF. It’s a new centre for post-operative care in the Sarthe area of Port-au-Prince. All trauma patients from MSF centres in Martissant, Cite Soleil and Chancerelle have been referred to this 180-bed facility.  Though the emergency phase has passed, it doesn’t mean there is no more medical need here in Port-au-Prince. On the contrary, there is a big gap in this post-emergency phase, especially the post-operative care which is still neglected by many other actors. Also, while thousands of injured people require long term medical care, some health providers that responded to the initial emergency phase of the crisis begin to leave the country and discharge patients.  This is why we have such a large scale hospital project. Here we provide not only wound and complication management, physiotherapy and rehabilitation for amputees (lower limb or upper limb), but also psycho-social care to the patients or even their family members.  Actually this new hospital was a warehouse before. It took us three weeks to make it function. But some more work still need to be done when we moved in. Also, we have recruited some nurses who are new to MSF and don’t know how we run the project. So we need to explain to them and provide training. All these take time. But hopefully things will be better.

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