I just arrived in the MSF coordination office, I don't know if I'm moving to the project tonight or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow...things here are very fluid - changing every minute as there are apparently some security issues going on, as we expect the results of the election to come out today...if there will be a second round, the tension will increase... When I was coming from the airport to the office, a car stopped our car in the middle of the road - apparently, that car was carrying a woman who has just been discovered to be affected by cholera.  The driver saw our car and knew that they could look for help from MSF so they stopped our car and ask us where he could find our cholera treatment centre (CTC) so that he could send the woman to there.  It seems that MSF is really well known and well received here by many local people - it's a good sign.  We told them to go to Sarthe, where we are running a big CTC with few hundred beds... Since there are so many movements of the international staff, the house here is full of people - we all have to camp, everywhere in the house.  I have a little tent in the terrace and I will be sleeping outdoor tonight, which is a bad idea as I think I am getting a bit sick with all the traveling. I have sore throat now.  But I'll try to keep myself ok, I am taking vitamin c and trying to sterilize my throat with salt water...
Beatrice LAU is a field worker from Hong Kong, she left for her first mission in January 2010. She joined the mission n Haiti for chorea outbreak in December 2010.

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