The announcement of the presidential election result is today - apparently there are protests in several places in Port-au-Prince and therefore MSF has tightened up the security measures and reduced movements to only the absolutely essential ones.  I am therefore, stuck here in the coordination office. But it's ok, in a context where there are security threats, it's always more prudent to be safe than sorry... The situation here is really quite sensitive - in cities like Port-au-Prince and Cite Soleil, there are many gangs and it is very important for MSF to not only be neutral, but also be PERCEIVED as neutral in order not to have troubles or induce violent incidents. There is a water and sanitation expert from Belgium, who used to be working in the Martissant project. Because there was no administration and financial staff to support the daily work, she had to do all the administrative, financial and logistic works.  When she was recruiting for local staff to support our Cholera Treatment Centre (CTC) activities there, she was being seen as favouring a certain gang over the others, and thus she was in threat. For her safety, the coordination office had to evacuate her from the project. And that's why she is now in the coordination office in Petion Ville. But the need in all our projects are so great, so she is going to be placed another project to continue her relief work... For me, I will stay here today and give support for the administration and finance work to the Emergency Team - since the beginning of the cholera in mid October, the workload has been crazy. I am very happy to make myself useful here today, while waiting to go to the project, hopefully tomorrow, if the security situation will be better... That means - another night of camping outside. Last night turned out to be quite ok - I've surrounded my tent with blankets to keep myself warm and I'm feeling a bit better - with the antibiotics that the Medical Coordinator gave me.  They told me it's important that I get well before I get to the CTC as the chlorine is going to make it worse...

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