Finally, the coordination team decided to move me to the project today. The security situation is still very bad - we heard gunshots and bombs quite close to our office yesterday, and the police or the MUNISTAH used tear gases to control the situation, which flowed into our office and many of us suffered from sore eyes... Despite all these, I needed to go to the project as my role as a Field Administration and Finance Officer, I have the responsibility to pay the salary to the local staff who work for MSF in the Cholera Treatment Centre (CTC). In a slum area like Cite Soleil where gang violence is dominant, delaying payment to our staff can also pose security risk to our patients and our medical staff. I left Petion Ville to go to Cite Soleil with the convoy this morning at 06h00 - apparently, the streets are supposed to be calmer in the early morning. Every 50m, our convoy was confronted with a barricade, some were still burning... from what I saw this morning, I could imagine how chaotic and violent the protests were the night before. At some of the barricades, there still gathered a big group of protesters, but amazingly, once they saw the MSF car came, they immediately moved to the side of the road to let our convoy pass. From the smile on the face, I can see that they really respect the work MSF is doing for them... I understand now why the Emergency Coordinator wants me to always wear my MSF T-shirt or to have an MSF identification on me.... But just an hour after arriving the CTC in Choscal hospital, what coordination team has warned me would happen happened. There was a young man who came to see me and ask when MSF would be giving him a job to work in the CTC. He said he has applied for several posts in the CTC for quite some time now, but he never got a job. He became more and more angry and then he started to hit the doors of our office and he started swearing in Creole (the local language). The other local staff told me that this was the man who pointed a gun at the MSF car which delivered the relief materials to the hospital a few months ago... Although I had been thoroughly briefed of this risk and that I have already anticipated that something like this would happen, but I still felt a bit disturbed by his threatening... I hope he will not come back again tomorrow...

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