Hurrah! I had my first run in Port Harcourt this evening. It’s a Sunday afternoon. It’s the Nigerian Presidential Inauguration Day. It has been quiet so far. Last night, I received my first time call from Emergency Room at night. We could have three emergency operations for today. But the Operating Theatre is having the monthly cleansing. It’s only reserved for life or limb saving procedures. So we have another relaxing Sunday afternoon. We went to another nearby restaurant after return from hospital. It’s unbelievable that we could have a poolside lunch. Some swam after lunch. There is a map in sitting room showing the boundary in the area where we can go either with partners or alone. It’s a higher class residential area with some luxury hotels and restaurants, including the two I have been. I chose to run alone in evening. I need to put on MSF T-shirt and carried my emergency bags. It took around 30 minutes for three laps round the boundary. I purposely slowed down my speed so that I could have strength to run if anything happened. An interesting event happened this morning. We were at a traffic jam on our way to hospital. There was a bus next to our vehicle. Some passengers on the bus suddenly waved to us. They said we had done a very good job and thanked us. All members were very encouraging. Hope our work can help them.

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