Living in our compound is really close to the nature, even within our yard I already saw Nile monitor, mongoose, hawks, snake, lots of wild cats and a family of chicken; not to mention hundreds of birds singing early in the morning and lots of bugs attracted to our tukul at night by our light.

© Ryan KO

In early May, one wild cat gave birth to three kittens and was moving them to hide in a safer place from all sorts of danger. First in our latrine then in an underground hole but as the heavy rain started they could not stay underground. One evening when I finished my work, I found this family hiding behind my luggage. The kittens are less than two weeks old and were only able to move clumsily so they were in hiding most of the time. As time went by, they started walking, running, jumping and fighting with each other. They became very close to me especially when their mother goes away hunting for food. Whenever I go inside my tukul, one of them will go straight to me, and sit next to me or crawling onto my foot. So I guess I became their foster father. I pat them and cuddle them whenever they come to me. They are now more than two months ago and two of them are really very naughty, always jumping around fighting each other. As most kitten will wean around 4-10 weeks so I guess that's the reason the mother cat is trying twice already to move out and picked the kittens to the rooftop of our compound building where there is a big tree. It is a safe place to hide and to hunt for birds. The first night they moved out I felt a sudden quietness in my tukul that I am not used to be, as they were used to run around and climbing ups and downs, scratching the cupboard and luggage at the night. But then heavy rain came right on the next day and they were forced to come back to my tukul. The mother cat tried again two days ago but only succeeded in taking one of them to go up the rooftop but the other two are reluctant.

© Ryan KO

Then heavy rain comes at dawn today with very strong wind and the mother cat was forced to take the lonely kitten down the roof. When I saw her coming back, that little kitten was dirty, wet tired and frightened. But after short rest and cleaning up, she went straight to me again when I entered my tukul later the afternoon. She was meowing at me to ask for my attention and care. I found myself miss them a lot! Will it be a reason for me to stay here longer or will I come back here next year for a reunion with them?

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  • anon

    You and others who work in the field go benyod the call of sacrafice,and are a true inspiration to myself.You have given and shown me faith,hope and aspiration.Good luck for the future.

    Feb 13, 2016

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