Since the end of March, MSF teams have been responding to one of the worst food and nutrition crises ever experienced in southern Madagascar.
Logistics is at the heart of MSF’s lifesaving work, ensuring our medical teams can respond quickly and effectively to any emergency. But, while MSF strives for gender equality, logistics is a male-dominated field.
“That evening we had around 30 casualties, both wounded and dead.
When I was informed about the location of my next field assignment, Yemen, the first thing that came to my mind was a scene in Friends – Chandler lied to his girlfriend that he had to work in Yemen in order to escape from her.
In extreme emergency situations, we may be able to set up additional wards using tents and simple resources within a day, but of course this does not mean that is what we do every single day being on the field, and at least not when I am currently not in an emergency mission, when there are lo
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Dear Everyone, So it's been a month since I arrived in Chad, and three and a half weeks since making it to the airstrip of Tissi Paradise (as it's fondly known to its MSF inhabitants – expatriate and national staff alike, we
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In Syria, obviously security was also on the top of the list of priorities to be looked after and I have to say I learned the hard way on a couple of things in this area. We had some unfortunate incidents where people came in with weapons. No one was harmed but disturbing to say the least.
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© Nicole TUNG
Our field hospitals in Syria are ‘undercover’. Initially, we were running a hospital inside a cave then it was moved into a non functioning farm – a better location and we could adapt it to reduce the risk of shrapnel or mortar fire.
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“Everyone is happy when the rain comes.” This is what my assistant told me after the rainstorm last week.
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