Here we try to plant seeds of hope, but in the aftermath of civil war...  Sometimes your medical team pulls a miracle, but heartbreakingly the family asks you to let go. 
(Continue of Gogrial - Paradise of kindness and brutality (1) ) As there are only two doctors, me and another Burmese physician Kyi, weekend rest days do not really exist. 
The mornings begin with stepping out of my tukul (mud hut), blinking sleepily against the brilliant violets and roaring oranges of an African sunrise. The glorious glow illuminates the sharp rays of towering palm tree fronds, ripe with heavy and sweet oval fruit that tastes like mangoes.
A mother fleeing mass killings was raped by a soldier in the chaos of a country at civil war, and was shunned by her family and community on returning home during a tenuous ceasefire. She had no education to support herself to overcome poverty or find work.


Kai Cheong
I am a Singaporean-born, Hong Kong-raised, Paediatric doctor undergoing my first MSF mission in Gogrial, South Sudan.  Currently the MSF hospital here is the only healthcare facility in the Gogrial area; providing emergency and maternity servic