© Rachel CHEE
Typhoon Haiyan, MSF and Myself I am in the bush, somewhere in South Sudan; Typhoon Haiyan was in Philippines.
© Rachel CHEE
There are lots of PUSHING going on in here.  From the mother in maternity ward, to the logistician in the muddy road. We are here to push for a change, push the boundary to help those in
Photo source: Rachel CHEE
Before - 5 minutes walking distance to Diamond Hill MTR station or Canary Wharf Underground station or 2.5 hrs train journey to Gare du Nord Metro station. - Shopping in Jubilee Place just round the corner
 “I don’t know what I can give to MSF.  But I know what I can give up for MSF.”Trust me. That’s one of the GENIUS statements that I have even made in my life.  Submission of application. Wait.