I am happy to return to Bossangoa of Central African Republic, which I came 2 years ago when the huge humanitarian crisis started.
In most projects, being the sole surgeon is always stressful, physically and mentally demanding.

Gold Fever

Ryan KO
The eastern part of this country is famous for its mineral resources especially gold and that is why everyone wants to control this region including some of its greedy neighbors. 15Km from Lulimba where I am now is a town named Misisi. It’s a gold mining town.
12 hours flight to Amsterdam, 11 hours flight to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda then 7+ hours of car drive to Bukavu, one of the big cities at eastern Congo right next to the border.  The initial plan for me is flying into Lulimba, Kimbi the project I should spen


Ryan KO
This has been my 8th mission with MSF and the destination is South Kivu in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
As the only surgeon in the project and even in the whole region where I was I needed to be on call 24/7 all the time once I started working. 24/7 means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and that means I needed to be on call all the time when I was in the project.
When we talk about plastic surgery, many people may think of surgery for cosmetic purpose but out in the field there are many patients with wounds that are so big and without skin coverage.
This Friday morning at 6:20am I was called to the hospital before I had a chance for my breakfast. There was a boy got shot last night while he was playing in the bush with his friends. He had just arrived our hospital.
Gunshot wound is something totally rare in our city and it seems to be something very serious. But for me I saw and treated half a hundred of these already; in South Sudan, Yemen, Papua New Guinea & now in Central African Republic.