The "Refugee Camp in the City" Exhibition is the largest public educational event that MSF Hong Kong has ever had. The response from general public was very good. It attracted more than 8,000 visitors in eight days and 50 schools have arranged their students to join our guided tour.

In this exhibition, visitors not only could walk into different tents, but also touch the daily appliances used by the displaced in the camps and taste the high nutritional value food for malnourished children. All these let them experience the vulnerable life of the displaced.

It is estimated the number of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) has reached to 33 millions. Because of war, violence or natural disaster, they are forced to flee their homes and seek refuge. They are living in camps with poor condition. Basic medical care is out of their reach.

Through this exhibition, we hope more public awareness about the plight of the displaced could be raised.

Date: 27 Sept to 4 Oct 2006



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