By joining MSF Day, you can be part of our life-saving efforts even if you are not in the field.

You can volunteer for MSF in your workplace

Each year, more than 2,000 volunteers work with MSF in different countries, providing medical aid to the populations in danger. It may not be possible for you to leave your work and volunteer with MSF in the field at this moment. However, you may still help restore health and hope to millions in your current position.

Wearing an MSF Day Badge, Support MSF Day 2008

By donating a day's income or more, you are volunteering for MSF on that day and you are actually working together with our field volunteers to alleviate the suffering of victims in crisis. MSF Day's participants will wear the MSF Day Badge on 7July together and experience the volunteering spirit of MSF.

This year, we are honoured to have Financial Secretary Mr. John Tsang to be the MSF Day 2008 Honourable Campaign Leader, leading participants to encourage and support our field volunteers in the frontline during their work time.

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