You can volunteer for MSF in your workplace

Each year, over 3,000 volunteers work with MSF in more than 70 countries to provide medical services to people in need. It may not be possible for you to leave your work and volunteer with MSF in the field at this moment. However, you may still help restore health and hope to millions in your current position.

Wearing an MSF Day Badge to support our life-saving efforts

MSF Hong Kong sincerely invites organisations and general public in Hong Kong to join MSF Day 2007 on 30 July. By donating just a day's income, you are volunteering with MSF on that day. Besides alleviating the suffering of victims in crisis, you are also sharing the volunteering spirit of MSF.

Participants should send the completed enrollment form together with the donation to MSF-HK office by 23 July. By wearing the MSF Day Badge on 30 July, you are supporting our life-saving efforts.

This year, we are honoured to have Mr. Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong to be the MSF Day 2007 Honourable Campaign Leader to encourage participation in the community.

Mr. Donald Tsang: "We are all well aware of the suffering caused by war, civil unrest and natural disasters. MSF Day shows that we don't need to be medics or full-time volunteers to make a difference. This campaign encourages one and all to become "one-day volunteers" by donating the equivalent of a day's pay to help save lives around the world."

Please act now and support MSF Day 2007! For more details, please contact us at 2959 4249 or [email protected].



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