“In time of adversity, you can still give a helping hand.”

People may feel threatened and worried by the financial tsunami, or swine flu recently. However, facing adversity may help Hong Kong people understand the suffering in an adverse situation. In different areas around the world, tens of thousands of people are affected by war and armed conflicts, epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters are in need of help.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been offering rapid and adequate assistance to populations in crisis since 1971. Despite adverse circumstances and limited resources, MSF volunteers never give up saving lives and alleviating suffering. Each year, over 2,000 volunteers work with MSF in about 60 countries, providing medical aid to the population in danger.

Although it may not be possible for them to work on the frontline to help, Hong Kong public still can get involved and support MSF relief work by joining the “7.7 MSF Day Campaign”. By donating a day’s income or more, people will be volunteering for MSF on 7 July, which means they are working with MSF frontline volunteers to alleviate suffering of victims in crisis.

This year we are honoured to have Softhard, Mr Jan LAMB and Mr Eric KOT, to be the MSF Day 2009 Honourable Campaign Leader. They attend the MSF Day 2009 Kick-off event today in Times Square and say that in this time of adversity, Hong Kong people can still give a hand to those in need. They call on the public to support MSF relief work by joining MSF Day Campaign and donating a day’s income.

They also share the meaning of the “7.7 MSF Day Badge” designed by them, together with two lovely kids who acted as Little Dr Jan and Little Dr Kot. All participants of MSF Day Campaign will wear the badge on 7 July to signify they are volunteering for MSF on that day.

In the ceremony MSF field volunteer Dr Paul AU Yiu-kai shares his frontline experience in Yemen. He says that many civilians have been exposed to political and social tensions and sporadic waves of violence in Yemen. Though he had to take up all the jobs including surgery, rehabilitation for patients and training for local staff in Yemen, he and his teammates still try their very best to provide quality medical care to the people in need.

“7.7 MSF Day Campaign” is now opened for registration till 26 June. For more information about “7.7 MSF Day”, please visit the website: www.msf.org.hk/msfday.

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