John Tsang and Guests Call on the Public to "Donate a Day's Income and Volunteer for MSF"

If you are not a doctor, nurse nor logistician; if you do not have time; if you cannot leave your family, friends to work for at least several months overseas; but you really want to support Médecins Sans Frontières's (MSF) relief work on the front line, what can you do? "MSF Day 2008" is a good chance for the public to volunteer for MSF in their workplace.

"MSF Day", the yearly campaign of MSF Hong Kong, is successfully kicked-off today at Citywalk in Tsuen Wan. Guests from different sectors call on the public to donate a day's income to MSF as a volunteer for MSF on that day to help alleviate sufferings of those in need of medical assistance.

When officiating the ceremony, the Hon. John Tsang Chun-wah, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR and the Honourable Campaign Leader of the "MSF Day 2008", says that Hong Kong people have never given up participating in charitable work, even though during their difficult times. He calls on the public to continue this tradition of merit and donate a day's income to support MSF's work. "The donation from each of us may be very small, but with our combined effort and support, it could be something to the people in need," he says.

As a medical practitioner, Dr. the Hon. Leong Che-hung, Executive Councillor, says that many medical practitioners in Hong Kong may not be available to participate in humanitarian work on the front line, but they can share the volunteering spirit of MSF by joining "MSF Day 2008".

The Chief Executive Officer of Securities & Futures Commission Mr. Martin Wheatley also encourages the commercial sectors to donate their profits to help the needy population worldwide.

Last year more than 200 organisations from the public and private sectors participated in "MSF Day". Among the government departments, the Inland Revenue raised the highest amount of donation. Commissioner of Inland Revenue Mrs. Alice Lau Mak Yee-ming says this year the Inland Revenue Department will continue to support "MSF Day". She says that civil servants contribute their efforts to the local community, and by joining "MSF Day", they can also help other people in need. And she encourages citizens to donate to MSF while enjoying the lower tax rate and the charitable tax deductions.

Legislative Councillor the Hon. Lee Cheuk-yan admires the volunteer spirit of MSF volunteers like Dr. Paul Au Yiu-kai, who is his doctor as well. He says Hong Kong citizens are much more fortunate than those people in war or epidemic situations that they can enjoy public medical services. He encourages the working class to share this fortune with the others by donating a day's income to support MSF and its volunteers on the front line.

"MSF Day 2008" will be held on 7 July. By donating a day's income or more, participants will volunteer for MSF on that day. They will wear the "MSF Day" Badge to experience volunteering spirit of MSF. This year, with the slogan of "Let's Donate a Day's Income and Volunteer for MSF", we hope the Hong Kong public and enterprises from different sectors can join hands and support our relief work. It is now open for registration till 27 June. For more information about "MSF Day 2008", please visit the website:

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