"1.23---MSF Orienteering Competition2005"

MSF Orienteering Competition 2005 kicked off this morning at the Metropolis Mall in Hung Hom. A number of guests from the medical, political and performing arts sectors showed their support and called for the general public to participate in the event.

Ms. Miriam Yeung, Ambassador of MSF Orienteering Competition 2005 also shared her views toward MSF volunteers, "I appreciate MSF's commitment to the populations in danger. I was a nurse and I know the importance of medical personnel's effort. Added to SARS, there are so many incurable diseases in the world, I hope that we can raise more funds by joining the MSF Orienteering Competition 2005 to support the humanitarian aid projects worldwide."

Dr. Hon Kwok Ka-ki, Legislator (Medical Sector), Dr. Choi Kin, President of the Hong Kong Medical Association, Ms. Cyd Ho Sau-lan, member of Central and Western District Council, Ms. Susan Yeung, Advisory Committee Member of MSF Hong Kong, together with the DJ Team from the Metro Broadcast were invited to the VIP mini-race. They had to carry backpacks full of bottles of water, food, drugs and medical supplies to feel the hardship of vulnerable populations in getting access to those essential needs and to experience the difficulties that MSF volunteers face everyday in reaching the remote populations.

Before the race, Dr. Hon Kwok Ka-ki called for the support of the MSF volunteer work, "If you can't be a MSF volunteer, please participate in the MSF Orienteering Competition 2005. If you still have no time to join, please sponsor your friend to take part in this event."

Dr. Choi Kin encouraged the medical personnel to be MSF volunteer as a challenge, he said, "The work they've done is more challenging and realistic than the drama we see on TV. If you want to be a real doctor, please go to the places that lack of resources, to help the people in need."

With an 11-lb backpack, three teams were sweating after the race. Ms. Cyd Ho Sau-lan said, 'The mall is air-conditioned and well-paved, but it was already quite harsh for me to run for just a few minutes. You can imagine how harsh the MSF volunteers felt when they travelled through inhospitable terrain to reach the isolated populations."

The winner, DJ Team, finished the race by 3'07".

It is the forth year that MSF Hong Kong organises the Orienteering Competition. A number of records had been broken in the past. Last year, with around 2,000 participants making the event the largest of its kind in Hong Kong. More than HKD$1.9 million was raised to support the MSF medical projects around the world.

MSF Orienteering Competition 2005 will be held on 23 January 2005. It is opened for application now and participants are limited to 2,000. One of the main features of this year's event is that one of the winners of the Elite group will have a chance to go to Sweden or Kunming, China to join the major orienteering competition to compete in the O-Ringen Competition.

Application deadline for the competition is 17 December 2004. Participants who have achieved the minimum participating donation and completed the application process on or before 30 November 2004 will be able to join the free indoor training session and outdoor training course. Trainees are limited to 300. Please click on MSF Orienteering Competition 2005 website www.orienteering.msf.org.hk for more information and on-line application.

MSF would like to express our special thanks to Ms. Miriam Yeung, Orienteering Association of Hong Kong, EVI Education Asia Ltd., NOW Advertising Production Ltd., Metro Broadcast Corporation Ltd., AIA Foundation, Columbia Sportswear Company, MERRELL, Swiss International Air Lines, Dragonair, Correctional Services Department Escort and Support Group and the Metropolis Mall for their support to the event.



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