Celebrities in the City Urges the Public to Join 7.30 MSF Day

"Let's Donate a Day's Income and Volunteer for MSF."  This is the slogan of the year of Médecins Sans Frontières Hong Kong (MSF-HK) for the annual campaign MSF Day.  We are honoured to have Mr. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, Chief Executive of HKSAR, to be the Honourable Campaign Leader of the MSF Day Campaign 2007, which will be held on 30 July 2007.

Mr. Donald Tsang writes to MSF in the words of encouragement, "We are all well aware of the suffering caused by war, civil unrest and natural disasters. MSF Day shows that we don't need to be medics or full-time volunteers to make a difference. This campaign encourages one and all to become 'one-day volunteers' by donating the equivalent of a day's pay to help save lives around the world."

"I am very pleased to be part of this important campaign. Médecins Sans Frontières does a wonderful job in helping some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We are fortunate in Hong Kong to have a high quality, affordable healthcare system. Our policy is that no one should be denied adequate medical care because of a lack of means" Mr. Donald Tsang continues, "But not everyone is as lucky as we are, and that is where MSF comes to the fore. Its doctors and volunteers bring hope to people trapped in various crises around the world. They deliver humanitarian aid where it is needed most, regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation."

MSF Day 2007 has also received significant support from some government departments.  Mr. Kwok Jing Keung, Director of Fire Services writes to MSF, "In offering their assistance, field volunteers (of MSF) are often exposed to great adversities or even life-threatening conditions.  In the past, I had heard about tragic news of injuries and demise of field volunteers."

"The Fire Services Department of Hong Kong carries out a similar mission.  Our firefighters risked their lives in rescuing people from fire and other calamities.  Like MSF Field volunteers, a number of our fearless colleagues had been injured or even lost their lives.  Firefighters share with MSF volunteers the same level of commitment to work," says Mr. Kwok.

He continues, "To the MSF field volunteers, we salute to your courage and selflessness.  In your challenging work, I trust you will find comfort in alleviating the sufferings of people in distress, restoring their abilities and protecting human dignity.  No matter where you serve and what you are – medical professionals, administrators, engineers or logistic workers – MSF field volunteers are role models of humanitarian workers and they bear testimony to the best of human nature."

Some popular artistes including Mr. Andy Hui, Ms. Louisa So, Ms. Theresa Fu and Mr. Justin Lo have also written words of encouragement to MSF and supporters of MSF Day 2007.  They have joined hands with MSF to invite members of the public to help alleviate sufferings of those in need of medical assistance.  The public can join MSF Day 2007 and check out the words of encouragement written by celebrities in the city by clicking on MSF-HK website www.msf.org.hk.  Those who send the enrollment form with the donation to MSF-HK by 23 July 2007 will receive MSF Day Badges by post.  Participants will wear the badge on 30 July 2007 together and experience the volunteering spirit of MSF.



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