Each year, more than 2,000 international field workers, including Hong Kong doctors, nurses and non-medical professionals, work with MSF in different countries providing emergency medical aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics or natural disasters, or to marginalized people excluded from healthcare. However, not everyone in Hong Kong is able to put their families, jobs and income aside to go to an unfamiliar place and join an MSF humanitarian mission. “MSF Day” was created to let people who cannot work on the front line to volunteer for MSF by donating a day’s income.

With the support of the Hong Kong public, MSF is able to respond quickly to a crisis and carry out life-saving work. Soon after the Haiti earthquake in early 2010, MSF was able to treat more than 1,500 patients in the first 72 hours. With your support, we can save more lives. In 2008, MSF has conducted more than 8.8 million outpatient consultations, hospitalised over 310,000 patients, and vaccinated more than 2.8 million children.

It may not be possible for you to join MSF medical work on the front line. However, by donating a day’s income to support “MSF Day” on 7 July, you can help provide medical aid to people in need without leaving your office.

Let’s donate a day’s income and volunteer for MSF. This year, MSF-Hong Kong is honoured to have Sammi Cheng to be the Honourable Campaign Leader of MSF Day 2010. We are asking for your support for the “7.7 MSF Day” campaign.

Wearing the MSF Day Badge to support our life-saving effort

MSF Day’s participants will wear the specially designed MSF Day Badge on 7 July to signify they are volunteering for MSF on that day.

Since its launch in 2005, this annual fund-raising campaign has been successfully held with the support from the community. Last year, 173 public organisations, private companies and government departments joined the campaign and raised more than HKD3 million for MSF’s worldwide medical humanitarian projects. More than 10,000 participants have become “MSF Volunteers” in their workplaces by donating one day of their salaries or more.

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