Over HK$ 2.5 Million is Raised

Today is “MSF Day 2010”. By donating a day’s income, one can volunteer for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for a day to support MSF’s worldwide medical relief work. With the slogan “YOUR STRENGTH HELPS US TO SAVE THE VULNERABLE!”, “MSF Day 2010” calls on the public to secure sustainability of frontline life-saving aid. The campaign has raised over HK$ 2.5 million.

The Campaign Finale of “MSF Day 2010” is held at Harbour City today. Dick VAN DER TAK, Executive Director of MSF Hong Kong, presents his gratitude to all the supporters. With their generosity MSF is able to promptly react to the medical emergency worldwide. It has been six months since the earthquake struck Haiti and the intervention is one of the largest rapid emergency response programmes in MSF history. Over 3,000 staff, including Hong Kong doctors, were sent to the Haiti front line, running 19 hospitals and other medical facilities across the country. A new general hospital will be opened in the west of the capital, Prince-au-Port, in August.
VAN DER TAK also says thank you, in Cantonese, to “MSF Day 2010 Honourable Campaign Leader” Sammi CHENG.

In the ceremony, “MSF Day 2010 Honourable Campaign Leader” Sammi CHENG, with other guests, lift up dumbbells printed with “MSF Day”, signifying the collective strength to support MSF’s front line medical aid. She also shows off the tattoo sticker of “7.7 MSF Day 2010” on her arm. Aside from being the Honourable Campaign Leader and presented in the “MSF Day 2010” TV commercial, CHENG actually is the long-term supporter of MSF. For over four years she has donated her writing remuneration for a magazine column, thus her salary, to support MSF. CHENG has also committed to donate half of the royalty of her Cantonese album “Faith” to MSF, the figure has already accumulated to millions.

CHENG also has a conversation with Alice YEUNG, MSF field worker who has just returned from her mission in South Sudan. CHENG is asked if she has ever thought on going to the front line. She has no relevant qualification instead of her great interest, “I am keen to travel to remote areas, yet I have no experience in administration and financial management, and I may make a wrong prescription. I should enroll to training courses if I have to go to the front line. May be I can help in physical labour work or counseling.”, said CHENG. She also takes photo with the “MSF Day 2010 Student Ambassadors” to encourage them to support humanitarian medical aid.

Volunteering spirit of MSF is also well recognised among different sectors of the community. 136 companies and organisations from private sectors, 27 government departments and public organisations and 68 schools have shown their great support. New World Department Company Limited and New World Department Store China Limited and the Inland Revenue Department raise the highest amount of fund among all the participating corporate and government departments respectively.

Earlier, the “Mark Your Volunteering Experience” street campaign is held at Lan Kwai Fong, Causeway Bay and Mongkok. “7.7 MSF Day Tattoos” are distributed. Public are keen to express their support to MSF Day by putting on the tattoo. Their photos are uploaded on the MSF Day Facebook page www.facebook.com/msfday. Today, participants wear the “MSF Day Badge” as MSF volunteers, by donating one day’s salary they experience the volunteering spirit of MSF.

Special thanks to the Key Sponsor New World Department Store China Limited; Medical Action Partners LeSportsac - Carsac Limited; Supporting Companies include Centro Design & Furniture Ltd., Decca Holdings Limited, G4S Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd., Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, RCG (Hong Kong) Ltd., Super Star Group, Tai Shing Group (Holdings) Company Ltd., Hop Fung Group Holdings Limited, Inland Revenue Department Sports Association, Okia Optical Company Ltd., Principal Trust Company (Asia) Ltd., venue sponsor Harbour City, and the support from HOTMEDIA, Motion Power and GoYeah.com.


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