MSF Day 2011 campaign finale and the launch of MSF 40 years photo exhibition

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international movement of humanitarian relief. By donating a day’s income on 7 July – MSF Day – people from Hong Kong can volunteer for MSF for one day to support the continuity of the organisation’s medical action. MSF chooses to launch a special photo exhibition about the organisation’s 40-year action on MSF Day to highlight the importance of financial and operational independence of humanitarian work, especially in a politically charged and highly polarised world of today.

MSF Hong Kong holds the MSF Day 2011 Campaign Finale and the Launch of MSF 40 Years Photo Exhibition in the Harbour City today. With the strong support of the three Honorary Campaign Leaders of MSF Day 2011, namely Dr York CHOW, Secretary for Food and Health, famous model Ms Amanda S. and cultural commentator Mr LEUNG Man Tao, the campaign has raised over HKD3 million.

Mr Rémi CARRIER, Executive Director of MSF Hong Kong, presents his gratitude to all the supporters in the ceremony. He says that apart from the dedicated field workers, he would like to say thank you to all the MSF donors because they have provided MSF with financial independence to enable the organisation to act independently only based on the need of the patients, without any influence from political, religious or economic powers. Dr. Wilson LI, Vice-president of MSF Hong Kong, also shares his experience on the front line in Iraq. Dr Li, an orthopaedic surgeon from Hong Kong, was the first surgeon to work on the ground in Iraq when MSF returned to the country in 2007.

Ms Amanda S. says that she has gained full support from her father and friends when they knew that she is the Honorary Campaign Leader of MSF Day 2011, “35 years ago, when my daddy lived in Africa for five years, he helped the local community doctors by transporting the medicines for them. He drove to the middle of nowhere. He is really happy and proud that I can help MSF to spread the word. I like to help. Perhaps this is inherited by him.” In today’s ceremony, Amanda S. joins hands with other guests to make a huge prop of figure“40” by the MSF Day Badges, to show the support from all sectors for MSF’s independent medical humanitarian action in the previous 40 years. She also stays behind to visit the preview of the photo exhibition after the ceremony with Rémi. They communicate in French while reviewing the 40-year history of MSF.

Ms Prudence MAK, the Creative Director of a famous local design brand “Chocolate Rain”, also shows her support to “MSF Day” with her presence at the ceremony. She designs the “Chocolate Rain Supports MSF Day 2011” wallpaper which is free for download from the event website. The wallpaper shows “Fatina”, the main character, joining hands with friends from different backgrounds to support MSF’s spirit.

Volunteering spirit of MSF is also well recognised among different sectors in the community, with 165 companies and government departments, and over 9,000 citizens joining MSF Day 2011. The New World Department Company Limited, New World Department Store China Limited and the Inland Revenue Department raise the highest amount of fund among all the participating private companies and government departments respectively.

This year MSF Day continues to recruit Student Ambassadors. With the participation of over 1,100 Ambassadors from 90 schools, MSF’s volunteering spirit continues to spread among the new generations. Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch) and GCCITKD Cheong Wong Wai Primary School are two of the schools recruiting the most “MSF Day Student Ambassadors” and are awarded for their enthusiastic engagement in the event.

Today, all participants wear the MSF Day Badges to show that they are volunteering for MSF by donating one day’s salary.

Special thanks to the Key Sponsor New World Department Store China Limited; Medical Action Partners LeSportsac - Carsac Limited and Rayform Ltd.; Field Supporters Convoy Financial Group and New Plaza Garment Factory Co. Ltd. ; Supporting Companies including Centro Design & Furniture Limited., Decca Holdings Limited, Hop Fung Group Holdings Limited, Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, Sum Kee Construction Limited, Sunflower Travel Service Limited, Super Star Group, Tai Shing Group (Holdings) Company Limited, Twincity (Far East) Ltd., Inland Revenue Department Sports Association, Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, Man Yue Technology Holdings Limited, Okia Optical Company Limited, and Venue Sponsor Harbour City.

> “MSF Photo Exhibition: 40 Years of Independent Humanitarian Action”


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