Medical humanitarian action is a never-ending marathon

In order to raise public awareness in Beijing, MSF has joined the “Run for Charity” of 2011 Beijing Marathon. On the event day 16 October 2011, more than 10 MSF field workers from different countries and regions will run side by side with 30,000 runners and share their hardship and happiness in providing medical humanitarian aid.  

Our event slogan is “medical humanitarian action is a never-ending marathon”. To MSF, carrying out medical humanitarian action resembles running a marathon. One needs to be trained and possess perseverance to reach the end. What is different is that there is an end for every long marathon. But MSF continues to provide medical humanitarian assistance as long as there is need for humanitarian aid.

In this arduous, marathon-like MSF adventure, public concern and support is our strong driving force. We welcome all participants to click in to “2011 Beijing Marathon MSF Page” and sign up to be an "MSF Field Partner" in the 2011 Beijing Marathon; run with us and help spreading MSF's latest messages.

In addition to participating in the Marathon, we have arranged an MSF experience sharing session with screening of the movie “Living in Emergency” on October 15. Details are as follows:

MSF experience sharing and “Living in Emergency” film screening

Date: 15 October (Saturday)
Time: 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Venue: Kubrick Beijing, Grand Moma, Tower 2, No. 1 Xiongheyuan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Seats are limited to 100. Free admission.
* Interested parties please register by sending your name, email address and contact to [email protected].
(Thank you for the support, 100 seats of the event have already been registered.)


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