Over the last decades, rapid urbanisation has led to the boom of "informal" settlements around the world. Today, over 800 million people, which is more than one out of ten people on the planet lives in a slum.Most slum inhabitants adjust to a life of poverty in a place where there is more violence and crime, pervasive pollution and poor hygiene, but limited access to medical healthcare and other forms of assistance.

To highlight the critical humanitarian and medical needs that exist in urban settings, MSF is launching the "URBAN SURVIVORS" Photo Exhibition. Featuring the work of award-winning NOOR photographers, the Exhibition lets visitors look into the daily lives of people in the slums, the humanitarian issues they face, and what MSF is doing to address these problems.

MSF sincerely invites you to a journey through five slums in Nairobi (Kenya), Karachi (Pakistan), Johannesburg (South Africa), Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti), where MSF is actively running projects

Website: http://www.msf.org.hk/urbansurvivors/


"URBAN SURVIVORS" Photo Exhibition

Nairobi, Karachi, Johannesburg @Admiralty

Park Court L1, Pacific Place, Admiralty
11:30am – 8:30pm

Dhaka, Port-au-Prince @Taikoo

G/F, Cityplaza (near Wing On), Taikoo
26.10 - 1.11.2012
11:30am – 8:30pm



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