Bringing 3,000 participants to the front line of a conflict zone

The MSF Orienteering Competition 2013 was successfully held in Sha Tau Kok today. Number of participants reached record high of nearly 3,000 people, who have helped raise HK$4.8 million to support MSF’s worldwide humanitarian work.

The officiating guest, Mrs. Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet Ngor, the Chief Secretary for Administration, said she got to know about MSF’s work for Vietnamese boat people in Hong Kong more than 20 years ago, when she was working for the Security Bureau. She calls for public support towards MSF’s worldwide work, “Hong Kong is a safe and stable place, so we can hardly imagine how people struggle to survive in disasters or conflicts. MSF steps onto the front line and provides humanitarian assistance to those in medical need, and their spirit deserves our respect.”

This year, a simulation of medical action in armed conflict settings was set up in the event centre to give participants a glimpse of life-saving work on the front line, as ways of learning more about the plight of people affected by conflict. Mrs. Lam visited the mock up of an ambulatory therapeutic feeding centre (ATFC), listened to our field workers’ explanation on how the centre works, and tasted the high nutrition food that is given to malnourished children in conflict areas.

Other facilities re-created in the event centre included a mobile clinic and an operating theatre. A mobile team toured around the site taking care of "victims" injured in conflict, while a roadblock was set up to illustrate a real challenge that MSF field workers face on the ground, as access to patients is often restricted.

Mr. Rémi CARRIER, Executive Director of MSF Hong Kong, highlighted the Syrian conflict, which has been going on now for two years as an example of a catastrophic humanitarian situation caused by violence. About 2.5 million Syrians have been displaced in the country, while more than half of the hospitals have been damaged. The total number of Syrians seeking refuge in neighbouring countries has reached 1 million. Humanitarian needs are huge but the international aid being provided is entirely insufficient. Mr. Carrier hoped the simulation in the event centre can help participants understand more about the suffering in conflict areas and the challenges faced by MSF teams while delivering healthcare in these settings.

Mrs. Lam, accompanied by the President of MSF Hong Kong Dr. FAN Ning, Mr. Carrier and a representative from the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong, officiated at the Kick-off Ceremony. Celebrities from different sectors joining the VIP Race include (in no particular order):

  • 政能量 (Professor Sophia CHAN Siu Chee, Under Secretary for Food and Health; Mr. Ronald CHAN Ngok Pang, Political Assistant to the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs; Mr. Caspar TSUI Ying Wai, Political Assistant to the Secretary for Home Affairs)
  • Energetic Action (LegCo members Hon Gary FAN Kwok Wai, Hon Charles Peter MOK, MSF Field Worker Dr. Paul AU Yiu Kai) - Champion
  • The Hong Kong Medical Association (Dr. LEOW Po Lin, Dr. Joyce TANG Wing Sen, Dr. Joyce LO Wai Ting, Dr. Connie YAN Tin Yee)
  • (Ms. Jessica CHUANG, Ms. Yvonne LUM, Mr. Titus RAHIRI, Mr. CHAI Boon Sian
  • Collyer Logistics International Limited(Mr. Andy RUSSELL, Ms Kerry YAP, Mr. Rick BARRON, Ms Lili YAP)
  • Morn Creations Limited(Mr. Steve CHAN, Ms Wendy LEE, Ms Ada TSOI, Ms Connie LEI)- Second runner-up
  • Sha Tau Kok District Rural Committee (Mr. LEE Wai Ming, Mr. CHAN Chik Wai, Mr. MO Lap San, Mr. NAM Tin Sang) – First runner-up
  • Sha Tau Kok Farm (Organic) Company Limited (Mr. LEE Wai Yin, Mr. CHAN Wai Ming, Mr CHAN Ho Fai, Mr. CHUI Kin Kong )
  • MSF Hong Kong (MSF Field Worker Dr. Wilson LI, Ms. Ann WONG Lee Kwan, Ms. Gloria LEUNG Sin Man)

The MSF Orienteering Competition has been the largest event of its kind in Hong Kong since it was launched in 2002. The competition provides an opportunity for participants to catch a glimpse of the challenges encountered by our field workers on the front line. The support from participants and donors allows us to continue the provision of medical assistance in more than 60 countries.

The event is co-presented by the Orienteering Association of Hong Kong. Specials thanks go to Campaign Partner; Mission Partners Collyer Logistics International Limited and Morn Creations Limited; Field Partners OMRON (China) Co., Limited and Popwin Giftware Manufacturing Company Limited; Action Partners AIA Hong Kong and The Body Shop. The event is also supported by Sha Tau Kok District Rural Committee and Sha Tau Kok Farm (Organic) Company Limited. Thanks also go to Prize Sponsors New Balance Athletic Shoes (HK) Limited, Thong Sia Watch Company Limited, Swiss International Air Lines Limited and The Overlander; and other supporters including Adventure Base Consultancy, Aquarius, Chan Man Chau Fruit Company Limited, Deqingyuan (Hong Kong) Limited, Eggshell Creative Limited, Hong Kong Cheer Confectionery Company, Jelly Belly, OKAMOTO Industries (H.K.) Limited, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance, Oi Kwan Volunteer Group, Akinalliance, Hong Kong Adventure Corps, Hong Kong Family Orienteering Club, Hong Kong Orienteering Club, Hong Kong Orienteering Limited, Nam Wah Catholic Secondary School, New Direction Orienteering Club, VOC and Youth Advance Orienteering Club.




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