3 Huge Tents, Demonstrating 3 Frontline Scenes
War-torn conflict zones, Ebola treatment centres in West-Africa, therapeutic feeding centres full of malnourished children....have you ever imagined how the international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) with more than 40 years of medical aid experience works in the front line? 
MSF Asia’s touring exhibition “Emergency Assignment” will be debuting in Taiwan.  A continuous 10-day exhibition will open free of charge to the public from 29 April(Friday) to 8 May(Sunday) at Huashan 1914 Creative Park East 2D.  There will be 3 huge tents in the venue demonstrating frontline medical aid scenes such as Ebola treatment centres, the TRIAGE system in an emergency room under fire, and the maternal health and therapeutic feeding centres. With an immersive audio guide, every visitor will become a field worker. ”The 30-minute experience of MSF’s rapid response”, gives you the feel of the challenges and difficulties of MSF’s work in the front lines.
The opening ceremony was held today (28th). Dr. Chiels Liu Chen-Kun, President of MSF-Hong Kong, said that when MSF faced mass casualties, it could react rapidly by putting in practice its experience of doing the TRIAGE in the emergency room. In conflict zones or natural disasters, MSF is equipped with inflatable tents enabling almost instant operating suites. In the Ebola outbreak, MSF had a strict infection control guideline and would establish disciplined, effective treatment centres. “These emergency medical practice protocols are all accumulating and continually improving based on the experiences of our work in the front lines. Implementing the practice thoroughly,  not only relies on the doctors but also  on a group of hard working staff behind the scenes—the logistic team who would ensure that there is water, electricity, medicine and an operating room for medical workers to do their work.”
He emphasised that nowadays medical aid work is in its most challenging and difficult moment and many humanitarian crises in which thousands of people are struggling for life might not attract the eyeballs of the media. These crises urgently need the attention of all societies. He hoped that “By holding the public event in Taiwan, we can let more people know about the humanitarian crises taking place worldwide.” Even more, it may inspire more medical and non-medical professional workers in Taiwan to contribute to medical humanitarian work. 
Chiels Liu Chen-Kun also announced that MSF just received the official registration for a Taipei Office in Taiwan. He said that MSF still has lots of work to do in Taiwan, including launching a foundation to allow MSF become a platform for the people in Taiwan to support global humanitarian medical aid work. 
The Professor Lin Tzou-yien, Minister-designate of Ministry of Health and Welfare who was one of the officiating guests said that his personal belief is doctors should get out of their ivory tower and pay more attention to the global issues. He admires MSF’s humanitarian medical work in the epidemic area and conflict zones. Lin Tzou-yien also thought that Taiwan medical workers are willing to and capable of being a global citizen by participating more in medical aid work worldwide. He said, “after the new government coming into office next month, MoH will certainly cooperate with MSF in the professional field and would give the strongest support if needed.”
Mr. Rémi Carrier, Executive Director of MSF-Hong Kong, pointed out that the organisation has projects in over 60 countries. He said that recently in conflict zones such as Syria and Yemen, the medical facilities supported by MSF were bombed a number of times, which was unacceptable. While in Chad, Niger and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the maternal health and child malnutrition crises are still continuing and the follow-up work after the Ebola outbreak still needs public attention. He hoped that by visiting this exhibition, the Taiwan public can know more about MSF’s work and be even more supportive. 
Dr, Huang Shier-chieg, Commissioner of the Department of Health in Taipei, one of the officiating guests in the kick-off ceremony, welcomed the opening of the Emergency Exhibition at Huashan Culture Park on behalf of Taipei City Government. “As a doctor, I deeply understand that each patient should have the right to access basic healthcare. We should learn more about these humanitarian crises, and think about how we can help from our positions. MSF has over 40 years of experience in responding to global medical emergencies can be a real target for us to exchange experience with.”
Other officiating guests at the ceremony included Mr. Chen Chin-chang, Deputy Director of the Cooperative and Civil Association Preparatory Office, Ministry of the Interior; Mr. Shen Wen-chiang, Deputy Director-General of the Department of NGO International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
MSF’s Emergency Assignment invited Huang Jian-wei, the famous actor who  played the role of an anesthetist  in a TV drama, and Joanna Wang, singer songwriter, who is now busy with her stage drama, to record tracks for the audio guide and bring visitors the experience of becoming front line field workers.
About Emergency Assignment – MSF Asia’s Touring Exhibition
Emergency Assignment is in Taiwan for the first time! The exhibition was splayed at five venues in Hong Kong in 2014 with an overwhelming public response. It is now in Taiwan from 29 April to 8 May, at Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Admission is free. For details please visit: www.msf.tw


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