Record-breaking amount of HK$8 million raised for global humanitarian work
MSF Day 2017 Finale was successfully held in E-Max in Kowloon Bay today. The Honorary Campaign Leader Ms. Karena Lam appealed for public support to donate a day’s income, and to wear the MSF Day bracelet together on 7.7 MSF Day to show support for MSF’s global medical humanitarian work in around 70 countries. The event has raised a record-breaking amount of HK$8 million.
In the ceremony, Karena was joined by MSF field worker Dr. Shannon Chan, who had been to South Sudan, to thank all the companies, schools and individuals who took part this year. She also shared her memories of a scalding incident that happened several years ago but which inspired her to pay attention to the suffering of faraway patients. 
Karena explained that her youngest daughter had sustained a scald from her chin to belly button in the middle of the night. Her daughter, whose skin had peeled with blood oozing, kept on yelling for mommy. She recalled, “At that moment, I really wished that I was the one who got burned or scalded. I don’t want my kids to suffer such great pain.” She described the three hours spent waiting for a doctor as unbearable. To Karena, it was unimaginable that patients in faraway countries might have to wait for even longer to get medical care. The incident inspired her to care for the plight of patients in other countries.
Karena not only helped in promoting the event, but also initiated and facilitated the planning of this year’s special programme, the “Documentary Film & Talk with an MSF Field Worker”. She said, “I remember that on the day we did the photo shooting for the campaign, MSF staff mentioned that there are several documentary films about the difficulties that MSF faces in delivering medical aid at the front line. I think they are very meaningful. Although I am not able to work at the front line, I could still contribute my part within my capability by initiating this film screening to get more people’s support to MSF.” Karena called for all members of public who are not able to work at the front line, just like her, to support MSF Day by donating a day’s income, bringing medical care to people in danger. 
Mr. Rémi Carrier, Executive Director of MSF-Hong Kong, said in his speech that around one-third of MSF projects in the past year were about providing assistance to populations affected by wars. Rémi took the chance to thank all MSF Day supporters. “Donating a day’s income means you are not only volunteering for us on that day, your donation actually enables us to maintain financial independence, so that we can work independently to respond to the medical needs of the populations trapped by conflicts and other crises.”
In the ceremony, Karena and other officiating guests announced the total amount of donations received for MSF Day this year. They poured coloured beads into a transparent box, symbolising the many individual contributions. Because of every little helps from the public, MSF has been able to raise HKD$8 million for its humanitarian work. 
This year a total of 100 organisations from the private sector, 18 organisations from the public sector and government departments and more than 8,400 individuals supported MSF Day. Moreover, 1,282 students from 55 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools were recruited as Student Ambassadors of MSF Day to help raise awareness amongst their friends and families about humanitarian work.
Members of public can donate a day’s income through the official website of MSF Day ( from now on. All participants of MSF Day 2017 will be given an MSF Day bracelet as recognition of their volunteering spirit.
Special thanks to the Key Sponsor Tak Lee Machinery Co. Ltd.; Medical Action Partners BB Group Company Ltd., Consolidated Marketing Group International Wealth Management Limited; Field Supporters BaoQiao Partners Capital Limited, Wilson Garment Accessories (Int’l) Ltd. and Wiseford Industries Limited; and Supporting Companies Centro Design & Furniture Ltd., Classic Beaute Limited, CNA Holdings Limited, Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited, Elite Partners CPA Limited, Gabriel Technology (HK) Limited, Lo Fung Art Gallery Ltd., Long King Printing HK Company Limited, Minter Ellison, Octal Capital Limited, Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, Samily Group Company Limited, S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited, Tai Shing Group (Holdings) Co. Ltd., TPV Technology Limited, Winga Apparel Group Limited and Inland Revenue Department Sports Association; and Venue Sponsor EMAX and The Metroplex. 


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