Over HK$6.45 million raised for MSF’s global humanitarian work
MSF Day 2018 Finale was successfully held in iSQUARE today. The Action Leader Ms. Catherine Chau appealed to the public for donating a day’s income and putting on the MSF Day bracelet on 7.7 MSF Day to show support for MSF’s global medical humanitarian work in over 70 countries. The event has raised over HK$6.45 million which are to be used for overseas medical humanitarian assistance.
Dr. Natasha Reyes, Interim Executive Director of MSF-Hong Kong, said in her speech that the needs for medical humanitarian assistance continued to increase in 2017. One of the biggest MSF’s operations was to respond to the massive influx of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh since August 2017. Natasha was the Medical Coordinator for the MSF emergency response at the time. She said, “The overcrowded and abject living conditions in the temporary settlements resulted in respiratory tract infections, diarrhoeal diseases, infant malnutrition and diphtheria outbreak there. MSF did not only respond to the huge growth in needs of the Rohingya refugees, but also set up preparedness plans for potential outbreak of diseases as well as the rainy season.   
The theme of MSF Day 2018 was “1+1= save more lives together”. Natasha hoped that members of the public could continue to lend their support to MSF. “The value of donating a day’s income is much more than its amount. It encourages all the MSF field workers who strive for providing the much needed medical and humanitarian assistance on the front line.”
Apart from being the officiating guest of the MSF Day Finale 2018, Catherine is a regular donor of MSF. She shared that MSF’s principle is to offer assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. This is particularly crucial for those who are trapped in conflict areas. “We are so lucky to live in a well-developed city. Simply by donating a day’s income, we are able to make a real difference in other people’s lives.” Catherine also encouraged the public to put on the “MSF Day Bracelets” to signify that they were volunteering for MSF.
In the ceremony, Catherine and other officiating guests inserted the sign “1+1” into a box and pulled down the pole which symbolizing the “ MSF Day Bracelet” to reveal the amount of fund raised this year. Thanks to the generous support from the public, MSF has raised a total of HKD$6.45 million for its medical humanitarian work.
Catherine was joined by MSF field worker Dr. Jimmy Leung, who had been on mission in Yemen and Iraq. They expressed gratitude to all the companies, schools and individuals who took part in the event this year.
This year a total of 99 private enterprises, 15 public institutions and government departments, and more than 6,000 individuals supported MSF Day. Moreover, a total of 180 primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens joined the MSF Day Student Ambassador Programme, with 465 Student Ambassadors recruited. They were entrusted with the important task of introducing MSF’s work to their relatives and friends, and raising funds for MSF.
Members of public can still donate a day’s income through the official website of MSF Day (msf.hk/msfday). All participants of MSF Day 2018 have been given an MSF Day bracelet to recognise their volunteering spirit.
Special thanks to the Key Sponsor Tak Lee Machinery Co. Ltd.; Medical Action Partners BB Group Company Limited, Consolidated Marketing Group International Wealth Management Limited; Field Supporters BAS (H.K.) Limited, Wilson Group, Wiseford Industries Limited, Winga Apparel Group Ltd. and S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited; and Supporting Companies Centro Design & Furniture Ltd., Octal Capital Limited,  Tai Shing Group (Holdings) Co. Ltd. , Classic Beaute Limited, Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, TPV Technology Limited, CNA Holdings Limited, Samily Group Company Limited; Acknowledgement Inland Revenue Department Sports Association and Wingate Business Limited; and iSQUARE.


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