First Relief Team Arrived Yogyakarta

An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 shook the Indonesia island of Java early yesterday (27 May). Four quakes and more than 70 aftershocks have been reported. More than 3,000 people died and many other injured and displaced. MSF responses by sending medical teams and medical and logistics supplies to the ground.

A team of two, including a nurse and a logistician who worked for the MSF cholera project in Wamena in Papua, arrived Yogyakarta area last night. A complete surgical team from Banda Aceh, together with two psychologists from Sigli in Aceh and two doctors from Jakarta will join the team in Yogyakarta today. Another team of four will be moved from the cholera project in Wamena to Yogyakarta, and a team of five including two nephrologists will be flying from Brussels to Indonesia.

Three tons of medical (surgical kits, dressings, perfusions, etc.) and logistical supplies will arrive by truck and by plane to Yogyakarta in 48 hours.



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