Update: Hong Kong Time 5:00pm 31/12/04

Sri Lanka
A full charter with 40 tons is arrived Colombo. It includes water sanitation, medical and surgical material. There are 3 kits to set up hospitals to care for 30,000 people for three months. Another two charters are heading to Colombo.

The situation in Ampara district is chaotic and the main hospitals have been destroyed. There are a great deal of displaced although they are widely scattered (staying in schools and churches) rather than in large groups. Aid is in short supply but the MSF team is planning to distribute non-food items, helping to get the hospital up and running again and also planning to set up mobile clinics.

There are more than 20 MSF volunteers on the ground. 70 tons of materials are currently in Medan (400km from Banda Aceh town).

The MSF team has seen a lot of mass graves. The bodies have not been officially counted, but the team's estimate is that there were between 10,000 and 15,000 deaths in this town alone.

The main town hospital is full of corpses and has been closed. The military hospital is now functioning as a civilian hospital. A maternal hospital has also been adapted. There are many camps for displaced people. People are gathering around the mosques.

The team started to give consultations in the area of Tvri. They provided a total of 117 consultations. 31 people have very infected wounds, 21 were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and 17 have respiratory tract infections.



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