MSF takes on advisory role

WHO laboratory tests have confirmed that there is an outbreak of Ebola in the Mbomo and Etoumbi districts of Cuvette Ouest province in northern Congo-Brazzaville.

Currently, it is not a large outbreak and the local authorities are managing it well. On 20 May, there are 11 suspected cases and nine deaths. The last death was on 18 May and no new cases have occurred for a week.

The situation seems to be under control. MSF sent a team to Etoumbi at the beginning of last week.

MSF has mainly an advisory role, assisting and facilitating the Ministry of Health in isolating the patients and training some Red Cross workers in patient care.

The last known possible contact with the 'outside world' by an infected patient has been traced back to May 14. That may result in new cases, most likely in the coming 10 days, so MSF will remain on site for at least this period.


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