MSF is sending many additional emergency aid workers to South Asia over the coming days

MSF is sending many additional emergency aid workers to South Asia over the coming days, to assist with relief for the victims of earthquake and tsunami. Over 20,000 people have been reported dead so far and the numbers will likely increase substantially in the coming days. The following are summary of MSF activities in the crisis regions:

A team is already arrived from Jakarta to Banda Aceh. More staff are ready to leave if necessary. Air assessment of Aceh with helicopters is planned for tomorrow.MSF is sending a full charter from Ostende, Belgium to Medan, in northern Sumatra (just outside Aceh), with 32 tons of medical and sanitation materials. Hopefully, it will arrive tomorrow. Another charter will be sent tomorrow.

Malaria and dengue fever are anticipated to be serious problems. The desalination of water supplies will have to be a priority because salt water is contaminating fresh water supplies. We also have plans to provide psychological support for survivors.

Sri Lanka:
Multiple teams from MSF operation centres are heading to the Sri Lanka. "Even though all the countries were equally ill- prepared for such emergency, Sri Lanka seems to be one of the most devastated country by the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami", explains Dr Abiy Tamrat from the emergency desk in Geneva. Additional medical teams will be leaving with a cargo of drugs, medical materials, water and sanitation materials, as well as high calorie dry rations and other necessary materials needed by the survivors.

There is no information on the situation in the southern part of the country. MSF will carry out exploratory mission in the costal areas between Myeik and Kawthong and in the far southeast border of the country.

MSF is now looking at the coastline north of Penang island.

An assessment is underway for the part of the southern coast bordering with Myanmar.

MSF has a two-person team carrying out an exploratory mission in parts of southern India. The team has arrived in Chenai, where the Government is organising food distributions and health posts. They will travel to the southern-most tip today.

Other locations:
MSF field teams in all countries where we are already present with mission, including Somalia and Kenya in Africa where flooding has been reported, are investigating the damage.



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