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Unfortunately some individual citizens have been using the name of Médecins Sans Frontières to allegedly recruit volunteers to work in the affected countries. In light of this development MSF like to state that:

  1. We have not authorized or delegated to any party to recruit volunteers on behalf on MSF, with regard to the crisis in South and Southeast Asia or anywhere else in the world.
  2. Due to the nature and the experience needed for emergency interventions, MSF always has a pool of experienced volunteers on stand-by who are ready to be sent to join the teams of relief work in case of an acute emergency. These volunteers have experience with the MSF treatment protocol and emergency procedures. At this stage of the emergency, MSF does not require any additional volunteers, with no previous field experience with MSF, to join our teams.
  3. MSF always welcomes interested professionals who are interested in volunteering with MSF to apply for positions for MSF project all over the world. Potential volunteers are advised to contact MSF-HK directly at 2338-8277 or at [email protected]


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