Increasing tension in Iraq makes assessment of health needs difficult

Against the background of increasing tension and insecurity in large parts of Iraq , the three clinics of Medecins Sans Frontieres in Sadr City remain open. MSF has 90 staff in Iraq, among them a small number of international staff, who continue to operate the clinics on the outskirts of Baghdad at a rate of 3,000 consultations per week.

Meanwhile, the MSF team also tries to assess the medical needs related to the recent surge in violence. They have donated surgical and emergency medical supplies to the remaining health facilities in Fallujah, in collaboration with the Iraqi Red Crescent. On Sunday, MSF flew in additional materials - 8.77 tons of medical supplies and 3.25 tons of high-protein biscuits - to Baghdad.

The high levels of insecurity, however, make it difficult for the international workers and Iraqi staff to travel around the country and assess health needs first-hand.



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