Every year MSF sends over 3,000 international field workers to join more than 30,000 locally hired staff around the world. They provide emergency medical assistance to people whose survival is threatened by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, and exclusion from health care or natural disasters.  Our humanitarian job vacancies offer an opportunity for enthusiastic talents to utilise their professional skills and help those who are most in need.
We have a particular need for pediatrician, nurse, midwife, psychologist, obstetricians/ gynecologist, logistician, finance and HR manager. These roles have increased in the field, especially in conflict settings, and we are launching more programs focusing on mother-child and reproductive healthcare and mental health. Filling these humanitarian job vacancies is crucial to our operations and we very much welcome applicants from these profiles, also applicant speaking French, Arabic and Spanish language. 

MSF-Hong Kong accepts applications from residents/domiciles of these regions:

Cambodia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam

Aspiring international field workers from the above listed countries can apply for one of our humanitarian job vacancies direcetly below.  If you are a resident or citizen of a country not in this list, please visit our international page to find your nearest MSF office.

MSF International Mobile Staff Vacancies



General criteria for working in the field

  • At least 2 years professional experience in your field of expertise.
  • Available for 6 months. There are exceptions for surgical related professionals, who may be accepted for shorter missions. Preference will be given to candidates who are ready to make a long-term commitment and consider a career within the MSF international movement.
  • Ability to live and work as a team, previous work experience in the developing world is particularly desirable, and ability to manage stress,willingness to work in high security settings.
  • Situations can change quickly in the field. Work tasks, departure dates, team composition and working environments may change during assignments. Flexibility is critical to one's success on an MSF project.
  • Fluency in English. Fluency in French (Level B1 or above) is not essential but it does give more opportunities for placement.
  • Medical doctors with clinical experience on tropical diseases and/or a diploma in tropical medicine are highly valued. However, this is not a mandatory requirement.



Life on a mission

  • All field workers receive an overall security briefing prior to a mission, followed by additional context specific briefings upon arrival. Your managers are constantly monitoring the dangers and there are clear local rules to help protect staff. But this is everyone’s responsibility and you have to be alert and conscientious yourself.  
  • Working in the field with MSF may be very different from anything you have previously experienced. You will work alongside local staff, where they might have different approach in dealing with health problems. So keeping an open mind and be flexible would definitely help! 
  • The international team is composed of medical and non-medical field workers, working hand in hand with local staff. Success in the field requires excellent flexibility, cultural and social sensitivity as well as interpersonal skills. Coping with diverse and sometimes dangerous situations, both on the job and after-hours, requires teamwork – a crucial element of MSF's structure and effectiveness.
  • A Peer Support network (PSN), which all MSF HK field workers can use, was formed as an online platform for personal support and information sharing between members. It allows experienced field workers to help new recruits, as well as providing an avenue for returning field workers to share their stories and feelings. This platform is also used by the Field Human Resource department to tell members about the developments of HR policies, trends and vacancies within the movement.


What we offer

MSF packages reflect the humanitarian spirit of volunteerism as well as recognising the high professional levels that we require. They include:

  • Round trip economy air travel;
  • Accommodation and transportation during your contract (including briefings and debriefings);
  • Monthly indemnity approximately EURO 1,328;
  • Field per diem allowance in local currency based on the cost of living in your project country;
  • Insurance covering health, luggage, professional liability, repatriation, accidents and flights;
  • Pre- and post- mission health checks.
  • We offer a range of career opportunities to our field workers. Gaining more and varied MSF field experience makes you eligible for coordination positions in the mission such as Logistical, Human Resources, Finance, Medical, or Project Coordinator, or Head of Mission.



Selection Process

Step 1:
Information Gathering

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:


Recruitment and Assessment Session 

MSF Hong Kong will organize recruitment and assessment sessions on a regular basis. During these sessions, those who have recently completed a mission will talk about their work and share their experiences with those who are interested in joining the organization. Information sessions are usually held in conjunction with the recruitment and assessment sessions.
If you meet the requirements for frontline rescue positions and are interested in becoming a MSF international mobile staff, you are cordially invited to attend the information sessions to gain a better understanding of the realities of frontline rescue work and to prepare for your future missions.









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