Join “MSF Field Partners” by being a monthly donor!

“MSF Field Partners” is a monthly donation programme. Your monthly contribution as an MSF Field Partner enables MSF to launch relief operations swiftly to unforeseen emergencies and plan for long term operations. It also helps to reduce our administration costs as the donation process is much simplified, and hence more funding can be used directly in our medical relief operations.
Every day, three teams of fundraising ambassadors who represent MSF go to different corners of Hong Kong to invite the public to join “MSF Field Partners”. Click here for the date and locations of the campaign

Who are the fundraising ambassadors?

MSF has commissioned professional fundraising consultancy companies to implement the outdoor fundraising campaign to increase the effectiveness and cost-efficiency in reaching our potential monthly donors and promote MSF on a daily basis. All our fundraising ambassadors are full time, trained staff.

How to verify the identity of an MSF fundraising ambassador?

  • All MSF fundraising ambassadors wear MSF t-shirts.
  • They have a working pass that clearly indicates their name, staff number, and includes a photo. Each pass is also verified with an MSF organisation chop.
  • MSF fundraising ambassadors NEVER ask for or accept cash and cheque donations on the street.
  • MSF fundraising ambassadors work in different locations throughout Hong Kong every day, but you can check their schedule at the link above.
  • When in doubt, please do not hesitate to call MSF-Hong Kong office at (852) 2338 8277 or (852) 2959 4229.

How to sign up as an “MSF Field Partner”?

You can be an “MSF Field Partner” by setting up an autopay instruction of a credit card or bank account. For your convenience, our ambassadors will assist you in filling in the donation form on site. You will receive a confirmation letter from us before the first debit day of the autopay.
For security reasons, please note that this outdoor fundraising campaign will not accept donations in cash or cheque




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