14 August 2017
We recently received inquiries from members of the public in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan, saying that they or their friends have been contacted by people claiming to be field workers of MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders) through social media (like Facebook or LinkedIn) or dating platforms (like Lovstruck). They were asked for financial help, such as a request for a covering deposit to help pay for return travel from field projects. We also receive inquiries about being asked to pay delivery fees for mail or packages, where they were sent notes or receipts allegedly from MSF.
MSF hereby expressly states that these kinds of requests from people claiming to be “MSF field workers” are false. They are abusing the public’s kindness and the name of MSF. Here are the reasons why you should never believe these approaches:
  • MSF never takes donations through individual field workers, whether medical or non-medical, nor would we use their private bank accounts. We only use the bank accounts of our offices around the world listed here, along with these channels (please see: msf-seasia.org/donationmethod) to collect donations;
  • MSF field workers are all working on a voluntary basis in our field projects. If they need to return earlier due to personal reasons, they can apply to end their field assignment and they will not be charged for leaving the projects earlier than originally planned;
  • MSF covers accommodation and transportation  throughout their missions , including travel costs between their places of residence and project locations;
  • MSF provides field workers with all of the supplies and equipment they need in field projects;
  • Therefore, MSF field workers would never need to ask anyone outside MSF’s management for help with finance or other resources during their missions.  
MSF would like to ask everyone to watch out for approaches from anyone who claims to be MSF field workers on the Internet. If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us directly.
For people who would like to support our frontline work, please do so in the ways listed on our website (http://msf-seasia.org), or contact us through (852) 2959 4229 / [email protected]


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