Step 4: Field Worker Pool

Following a successful assessment session, you will be accepted onto MSF's field worker pool ready for deployment to an MSF project.

Our ability to find you an assignment depends on our current field project needs, your skills profile, and your availability dates. We prioritise placement of field workers to where the need is greatest, and as such we are unable to accept requests to be placed in a specific location or project.

Position Matching

When you are matched to a position, you will be provided with a job description and detailed information regarding the country and project itself. Our Field Human Resources team will be available to answer any questions that you may have about the placement, location or role prior to you accepting the opportunity.

Once accepting and confirm a mission, as a new field worker in MSF pool you will receive a one-week preparation course, known as Preparation for Primary Departure (PPD). 


We will arrange the visa, flights and possible temporary accommodation for you to be able to arrive at project according to the schedule. Medical preparation will be part of your responsibility (vaccine, health check) under MSF coverage. 

On arrival in the field you will be given a full briefing by the in-country team. 






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